Coffee Shop with humanoids

Safe Space (2018) Ink on paper + digital painting

Durham T-Rex

Durham NC skyline under T-Rex attack (2017) - Ink on paper + digital painted

Men called Gabriel portrait

Quizzical portrait - Ink on paper (2017)

Gone with X-mas (2016) Graphite & digital

Captain intercalactic

Outer-space cat - Ink on paper (2017)

Political analysis as of May 27th

Political cartoon, Ink on paper, colored pencil (2016)


Cats everywhere - Digital / Handlettering (2016)


They're comin' for us! - Ink on paper (2014)

Cat toys poster

The truth about cats - Digital (2016)


Veggieland - And adventure of colors and shapes - Colored pencil on paper (2014)

Is a cat? Is a monster?

Embrace your inner catness - Ink on paper - Digital (2016)

©All images copyright by Odila Muni
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